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  • 2019-05-14 01:05 AM
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 About Antalya

1. Antalya is a tourist town on the Mediterranean coast surrounded by Taurus Mountains

2-climate in Antalya: 

Characterized by hot, dry summers and wet rainy winters

3. Tourism in Antalya:

Antalya Receive tourists for the whole months of the year, and mostly in the months summer 

4. Most Tourist places in Turkey follows Antalya,  Alanya, Capri, Dudan Falls, Hadrian's Gate and the Hildrelik Tower,we recommend you visit them

5. Antalya Airport is 13 km away from the city center, and it is an international airport

6- There are many Malls, the most important are megatros and Ozdalek, Dibo and Marc Antalya

7-Vegetable and fruit markets in Antalya are in every neighborhood.

There is a big market for the fresh fruits, vegetable, fish and a lot of other  things in cheap prices, in one day every week

7. High-end neighbourhoods in Antalya Konyaalti and Lara

8. Accommodation in Antalya as in any city in Turkey, you can stay one year if you rent an apartment for a year or if you buy a property and extend your stay as long as the property  still in your name.

9. Turkish citizenship can be obtained after five years of residence

10. Foreigners can buy and ownership property in turkey and they can get a deeds in their name

11. Best Places for accommodation in Antalya is Konyaalti Liman or Konyaalti pyramid the price of their prices is reasonable and they are from the most prestigious neighborhoods

12. Prices of  sale apartments start at $40, 000.

13. Rental rates for furnished apartments in upscale neighbourhoods  $400, for empty apartments  $200

14. Schools in Antalya, There are schools in Arabic and Turkish, schools receive Arab students

15.The universities of Antalya offers the majority of educational branches, but in Turkish

16. School fees free 

17. University installments nominal  about $1, 000 a year.

18-Super Cheap  market  (BIM)

19- places to visit in Antalya: old Antalya Castle, Dudan Waterfalls, shokllar Parks

20. Hospitals and health centres in Antalya there are three public hospitals which are one of the biggest hospitals in Turkey and there are health centers distributed in all neighborhoods

21- Owner of the property can inherit his estate In Turkey