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How to buy a residential apartment in Antalya Turkey at a reasonable price...

For those who want to know the prices of apartments in Antalya the coastal Turkish city which is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in the world we inform you that the prices of apartments as follows
1-apartments for sale in Antalya without 50000 thousand dollars:
There are many apartments with a price of less than 50000 USD but these apartments are often not of great privilege and are often on the ground floors or 1 + 1, some of which are in the relatively distant areas of the city center and the main tourist centers in this city

Best installment offers for 5 years...

We offer the best prices in installments with the following offers:
Installment for 5 years. Start from $31970 first payment.50% of the value of the property and get a taste. 10% discount on the remaining amount.Apartments for sale in Antalya are among the most luxurious and finest residential complexes. Available apartments: Room and SalonTwo rooms and a salon. Three rooms and a salon. Collector features: Adult swimming pools for children. Children's parks and games. Gyms and Boukhar rooms (sauna).Tennis.Volleyball court. Basketball court.One of the largest construction projects in Antalya.Dedicated and protected places for

Ways and how to buy and transfer ownership with a company to ANTALYA...

* * Ways and how to buy and transfer property with a company for Antalya * *1. Get a tax number (free of our company's services)2. Opening a bank account in Turkish currency, dollar and euro (free of our company services)3. Notarisation of an initial contract for the purchase of an English and Arabic translator under the supervision of legal specialists and an accredited translator from the state (free of our company services)4. Translation of Turkish passport5. Follow-up treatment of transfer of ownership in the department with the sworn translator until the receipt of the

Antalya deals best offered here..Antalya deals best offered here..

maybe if you searched and worked hard, you might find your order, but why , and we came to you with what he was waiting for you here.Here Antalya, it offers the best of Antalya shows here apartments for sale and apartments for rent in AntalyaFrom to ANTALYAIn the finest neighborhoods and the most luxurious complexes and at reasonable prices prices start from: Room and salon from 35 thousand dollars two rooms and a saloon of 48 thousand dollars three bedrooms and a saloon of $68 thousand dollars apartments for rent empty of $250 apartments for rent

If you want to buy an apartment in Turkey contact us to buy in Antalya. ...

So you wanted to buy an apartment in Turkey contact us to buy in Antalya. Why?
1-climactic-Antalya has a temperate summer climate and warm winters to its location between the shores of the Mediterranean and the Green Taurus Mountains, and is characterized by its abundant winter rains and abundance, which keeps its mountains and plains permanent vegetables and rivers and waterfalls and springs Flowing all year round
2-tourist: Antalya is the most welcoming Turkish city for tourists and from different nationalities of the world where it is meant by more than twelve million tourists every year because of its

Real estate turkey, apartments, houses and villas in Turkey...

  A description of Turkey's properties and apartments for sale in Turkey Antalya
How to buy apartments in Turkey and the quality of property for real estate in Turkey most nationalities can be able to own property for Turkey's apartments and properties and under the authority of the exchange and the deeds of regular and the transfer of ownership in the state departments is the king on the exponent o share of shares of the total property transfer period will be in the majority of the time seven days there are no special conditions if the purchase for an apartment or

To see the apartments for sale and rent in Antalya Turkey

  Apartments for sale and rent in Turkey Antalya
We review it for you through our pages best and I recognize the offers of apartments for sale and rent in Turkey and in the most important cities of Antalya and the city through our social media pages:
1. Facebook Guide Turkey: A comprehensive page for all sale and rental apartments in Turkey
Iraqis in Antalya: a page dedicated to the sale and rental apartments, and we take into account the requests of Iraqis and decisions that concern them apartments for sale and rent in Antalya: Specialized in the offers of apartments

Lands for sale in Antalya Turkey...

Lands for sale in Antalya TurkeyLand for real estate investments in Antalya, this land is organised for the establishment of residential or commercial complexes (malls) or private hospitals, which are duly licensed and organized assets, and the investor can register the property in his name and sort it into several parts according to the project, and he can obtain bonds Tabo for each property that is sorted and our company is engaged in the field of securing the property and transferring its ownership to the Shary and we execute real estate projects for those who wish to assign us

The iconic boutique hotel in Kemer...

3 star hotel in Kemer the hotel is only 30 m from the beach, allowing guests to enjoy the attractive coastline of Antalya.
The hotel's beach is paid every year 10000 hill
Bar with a cafeteria with Arabkel Yagra annually 15000 Tel
There are a thousand-year-old leather shops
The hotel restaurant lies on the terrace
The hotel is only 30 m from the beach so the pool is closed and the bar is open in place with observation the pool can be opened second time as desired
An antenna is available for the Turk mobile phone company through which the
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