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To Antalya Real Estate is not limited to offering apartments for sale and rent, but includes pre-purchase and post-purchase procedures.1-Pre-purchase: A-selection of the best offers available in Antalya Turkey and presented to our valued customersB. Ensuring the authenticity of papers and bonds For the apartment or the property and its owner and study it before the salec. Assistance in securing the required paperwork from the buyer to write the contract D. Receipt of the title deed and deliver to the new owner2. Post-purchase:A. Obtaining residence in Turkey for the new ownerB-renting the property to

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Turkey Real Estate Guide in/Antalya/-For sale:
Houses and villas ready for habitation, or under completion within the residential complexes equipped with five-star benefits-for rent: apartments and villas for daily or monthly rent-prices for rent: Start apartments prices for sale from $40 thousand dollars-prices to buy: Rental rates start from 400 dollars for monthly rent We are ready to answer your questions and to send photos of the offers for you 00905347995567: Viber + Watts August + Mobile Ibrahim emıl: Info@toantalya.com www.toantalya.com.

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Our Facebook pages
Turkey Guide: A General page we show you all-new Turkey in general and Antalya Private apartments for sale in Antalya: We are introducing the latest offers of sale and rent in Antalya
Libyans in Antalya: especially in the affairs of Libyans, we take into account the importance of the Libyan community in Antalya Iraqis in Antalya: especially in the affairs of Iraqis taking into account the interests of the Iraqi community in Antalya

Antalya Real Estate Magazine...

From company to ANTALYA Real Estate * * * * * * * * *Antalya Real Estate Magazine issue 0
First issue Http://www.toantalya.com/pdf/toantalya-2016-10-21.pdf second issue
The third issue at 1/1/2017 will be issued if God willing
Antalya Real Estate magazine 00905347995567 ► Turkey 

مسابقات و جوائز شركة To Antalya .

مسابقة اليوم عديدات هنّ أخوات كان وكلهنّ يفعلن كفعل أختهنّ وبالحديث عن شركة تو انطاليا كانت عروضُها رائعةً و مازالت عروضُها رائعةٌ لماذا جاءت كلمة رائعة بعد مازالت مرفوعة ؟

Company to Antalya Services.

To Antalya offers you very flexible cash offers and offers. Distinctive complexes and buildings at reasonable prices. Licensed land for residential and commercial real estate construction works. Land suitable for agricultural projects
If you want to buy from to Antalya real estate company. What is the mechanism and the steps that the company is doing? 1-answer your questions with the detailed annotations attached to the files of photos and videos 2-I'll take you to the airport and take you to your accommodation. 3-Tours on the most important sites of Antalya and the most important real estate projects 4. Organization of

Turkey Guide (Facebook)...

Çevrilmiş web sitesini görüntüleTurkey home page on Facebook (Turkey guide)
We review the latest offers of apartments for sale and rent and real estate investment and the most important in Turkey Antalya
We care about the selection of the latest complexes in terms of urban development and integration of services
Looking for the most suitable neighborhoods and the best for residential stability
We offer you all the useful comprehensive information about the Turkish laws related to real estate and everything related to life within Turkey in general and Antalya private
We offer you our offers with photos and video

Antalya Apartments & Real Estate (Twitter)...

Turkey home for Twitter properties (apartments for sale in Antalya)
We offer you the most interesting offers for continents and apartments for sale and rent and real estate investment in Antalya Turkey
Looking for the best prices to suit everyone
We meet our offers complexes that matched the urban development in terms of construction and services
We are interested in following up on all new real estate laws in Turkey in general and Antalya in particular
We offer you our offers with photos and videos according to modern techniques to know the finer details
Best offers for apartments and real
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