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The latest real estate news in Turkey, the most important tourist places in Turkey

Antalya City in Turkey...

The city of Antalya has been named several names since the time of the Romans, because it was a gathering of mysticism and religions in the past, called the "Turkish Riviera " Because of the abundance and nature of archaeological sites.
The city of Antalya is a sea-view city stretching along the Mediterranean coast and the sun, history and nature are a harmony of life.
The city continues to maintain its importance as an important tourist centre throughout history on the southern coast of the country, in addition to the distinctive natural beauty, the legendary city with its tradition, history

Iraqis in Antalya Turkey...

Iraqis in Turkey AntalyaDue to the demand of our Iraqi people for the acquisition of apartments in Turkey, and in the city of Antalya in particular, we have dedicated a Facebook page for the ease of communicating with us, and for the presentation of our offerings that match their desires.Note that we periodically supply the conditions of Iraqis in Turkey, and the laws of ownership and residence that belong to them, and we receive from them all the questions of real estate and legal and we seek to provide information about them name of the page/Iraqis in Antalya/

How to buy a residential apartment in Antalya Turkey at a reasonable price...

For those who want to know the prices of apartments in Antalya the coastal Turkish city which is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in the world we inform you that the prices of apartments as follows
1-apartments for sale in Antalya without 50000 thousand dollars:
There are many apartments with a price of less than 50000 USD but these apartments are often not of great privilege and are often on the ground floors or 1 + 1, some of which are in the relatively distant areas of the city center and the main tourist centers in this city

The wonders of the Kamera Mountains in Antalya...

Toantalya Real Estate Company The wonders of the Kamera Mountains in Antalya
It is called Mount Olympus or Mount Fire, and its summit is located at an altitude of 1950 meters above sea level about 80 km southwest of Antalya,
A rocky mountain has been on fire for thousands of years for more than 2,500 years.
Fire leaks through ten mountain holes that feed on methane and hydrogen, and these nozzles, which sailors have seen from afar for hundreds of years, have been used as a transportation milestone,
The flames are more active during the winter season and are constantly

protected "Butterfly Valley "... Caring for the environment and a tranquil atmosphere for tourists...

The Butterfly Valley was previously called the GUDURUMSU name but it was named "Butterfly Valley" afterwards because of many swarms of butterflies living near the waterfalls. The Butterfly Valley is one of the best places to spend the weekend in Turkey, embracing a magical sea with a clear and clean beach.The Butterfly Valley, one of the most beautiful places in the Fethiye area, which features its white beaches, tranquil sea and picturesque nature, is one of the best places to spend the holidays away from the hustle and bustle of the cities.Tourists in the Butterfly Valley usually spend

Best installment offers for 5 years...

We offer the best prices in installments with the following offers:
Installment for 5 years. Start from $31970 first payment.50% of the value of the property and get a taste. 10% discount on the remaining amount.Apartments for sale in Antalya are among the most luxurious and finest residential complexes. Available apartments: Room and SalonTwo rooms and a salon. Three rooms and a salon. Collector features: Adult swimming pools for children. Children's parks and games. Gyms and Boukhar rooms (sauna).Tennis.Volleyball court. Basketball court.One of the largest construction projects in Antalya.Dedicated and protected places for

11 reasons to visit Turkey this summer...

Are you still arguing about spending your summer vacation? We believe here that eleven reasons may persuade you to choose Turkey this summer as your holiday destination.1. Hot water springs in Pamukkale:
Turkey is home to about 1,500 hot springs, the most famous of which are in Pamukkale, where natural ponds are distributed with hot spring water. UNESCO used those sites as oneOriginal tourist sites in Turkey. It is one of the best therapeutic and healing tourism that removes pain and aches from your body.
2. Sand statues: The Sands Festival in Antalya is in its tenth year

Popular tourist places in Antalya..

Antalya is one of the places to visit and most of them are close to the center of the city, we will mention in this report the most famous sights and attractions in Antalya:1) Duden Waterfalls:
It is a series of waterfalls on the Duden River falling from the highest plateau of the "Toros Mountains".The city centre is about 30-45 minutes away.It is a charming beauty surrounded by a range of parks and offers places for excursions, restaurants and cafés.2) Ataturk Park: This park overlooks the sea directly and contains vast expanses of green land.Here

Ways and how to buy and transfer ownership with a company to ANTALYA...

* * Ways and how to buy and transfer property with a company for Antalya * *1. Get a tax number (free of our company's services)2. Opening a bank account in Turkish currency, dollar and euro (free of our company services)3. Notarisation of an initial contract for the purchase of an English and Arabic translator under the supervision of legal specialists and an accredited translator from the state (free of our company services)4. Translation of Turkish passport5. Follow-up treatment of transfer of ownership in the department with the sworn translator until the receipt of the
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