I want to buy an apartment in Antalya but!...

  • 2020-07-11 09:07 AM
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I want to buy an apartment in Antalya but!
Are you recording the apartment in my name? 
Register regularly in Tababo register. 
I want but what are the prices?
Apartment prices start at $35 thousand. 
I want to buy but how can I verify that the apartment is innocent?
No apartment can be transferred until after the acquittal of the community. 
If you go to the department of Tababo how can I confirm the data and information of the apartment and I do not speak Turkish language? 
No transfer of property is effected except in the presence of a sworn interpreter who speaks Arabic and is accredited by the State.
I want to buy, but I want to invest the apartment? 
You can invest the apartment by renting it and the real estate investment in Antalya is one of the best cities in the world.
I want to buy, but I can't pay the full price? 
There are up to five years of offers.
I want to buy either in Antalya or Istanbul, but why Antalya? 
For several reasons, the most important are price, climate, nature, ease of movement, cost of living and upgrading. 
I want to buy in Antalya but does it entitle me to buy the apartment to get a stay? 
Yes, when you buy the apartment, you and your family get a one year stay and renew as long as the apartment is still in your name.
I want to buy it, but I want to register it with my name and someone else.
You can register the apartment on behalf of several people. 
I want to buy but what is the time required to transfer ownership and receipt? 
In most offers you don't need for more than three days and the apartment is rarely needed for ownership approval, then you need 45 days I want to buy but how can I transfer the price of my apartment from my to Antalya? 
After picking out the apartment that suits you you can open a bank account in Turkey and you can transfer your money to your account.
I want to buy but after knowing the expenses added to the price of the apartment to transfer the property!? 
There is a property transfer fee of 2% of the price and additional expenses including translation of the passport and the fees of the jury interpreter and others, not exceeding $300.
I want to buy, but will you inherit the apartment for heirs or what?
Yes they are inherited for the heirs, but according to the Turkish law male like the female and the husband or wife half
If you want to buy, what services do you offer to customers? 
1. Reception at the airport and delivery of the buyer to the place where he wishes to reside

2. Extraction of a tax number and opening of a bank Account

3. Review of the apartments that suit him

4-sightseeing tour and tourism in the most famous landmarks of Antalya

5. Translation of his passport into Turkish

6. Organization of the contract of sale if selected

7-insurance Water and electricity for the apartment

8-residence treatment for him and his family members

9. Rent his apartment if he wants to invest I want to buy but I would like to see the offers before I came to Antalya! 
You can view our daily promotions on the www.toantalya.com website

or you can contact us at the following number + Viber + Watts August 00905347995567 IBRAHIM Aita

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