How to own a property in Alanya Turkey?? ...

  • 2019-02-13 06:58 AM
  • Real Estate Laws

Real Estate Alanya Q: I want to buy an apartment/House/property in Alanya-Turkey..  Can I register the property in my name?

A: Yes, the property can be registered in the name of the foreigner with 100% ownership in the real estate department "Court of the"

Q: What are the prices of the apartments?

A: Apartment prices vary, they are related to the area, construction age, location and additional services available in the complex "If you find "

Prices start from $30,000

Q: Are there guarantees that the apartment/house has no problems or payments/"disclaimer"?

A: Do not transfer ownership of any property from one person to another until after extracting a patent for the property and making sure that the drug has no arrears to finance, municipality, electricity, water

Q: How can I be sure that the procedures and information mentioned in the title Deed/"ownership" are correct??

A: No transfer transaction shall be effected except with the presence of a sworn interpreter and certified by the real Estate department "Court of the land" and the process of transferring the property is very clear in the real estate department "Court of Abu" exclusively with the presence of buyer, seller and translator

Q: Can I get a residence under your own apartment/house?

A: You and your family are granted accommodation for as long as your property is in your name.

Q: Can I register the property in my name and my wife?

A: One property can be registered as four people

Q: How long does it take to purchase and transfer ownership?

A: If there is prior approval of the property from the security authorities, the operation takes two days for five working days. In the absence of consent, it lasts from one to two months.

Q: How does the payment process take place?

A: When you choose the property that suits you, a purchase contract is made between you and the seller and a portion of the amount is paid by "10% of the agreed price " and the remaining part when you hand over a title deed

Q: How can I transfer money from abroad?

A: You need to open a bank account at a Turkish bank to make a transfer from your home country. The operation is very easy. We help you with the procedures.

Q: What are the additional expenses to complete the purchase?

A: 3.9% on the value of the property "buy and sell tax and pay once in a lifetime "

Other expenses such as the translation of the buyer's passport, the interpreter's fees and the expenses of the transaction, which does not exceed $500 per property, "regardless of price"

Q: What kind of ownership in Turkey does the property inherit after my death?

C. The type of property ownership in Turkey is freehold without restriction or the so-called free hold and the property is inherited according to Turkish law "Male like the female and husband or wife half

Why Alanya??

-Easy access to it "Gazi Pasha Airport/or Antalya international Airport "

-friendly, social and hospitable people

-Far from seismic and earthquake lines

-The existence of international protection in the region and free from asylum

-An economically integrated city throughout the year

-The presence of all services from schools, universities and hospitals. . Etc

-Great beauty Beyond imagination

-The cost of living is cheap for the rest of the Turkish regions.

-Special Civil organization


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