Most Frequently Asked Questions 2020

  • 2020-10-12 10:10 AM
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Most Frequently Asked Questions 2020

Can I get Turkish citizenship?

Of course you can. Turkey is a welcoming country for all foreigners. There are several ways to become a Turkish citizen, the easiest way is to buy a property in Turkey.

What is the minimum value I have to pay to own a property to become a Turkish citizen?

Properties purchased before September 2018 must be worth at least $1 million, but if purchased after September 2018 should be worth at least $250,000 as the lowest value decreased significantly last year.

How will my property be assessed for turkish citizenship application?

The property will be evaluated by assessed experts and you will need to report the real estate value report and the report must be approved and officially recognized by Turkish government institutions.

How long is my property assessment report prepared?

It is important to submit your report within three months of the application date. The report you submitted will be valid until the process of applying for citizenship is completed.

Is it possible to devalue a property in a title deed from its actual value in order to reduce the tax rate?

You cannot devalue your property. In order for the Turkish government to grant you citizenship, the price must match the valuation report and title deed. If it is not the same price, your property will be rejected in the application process.

Is my property rate calculated according to the exchange rate of the dollar?

Yes, the current exchange rate will be used to calculate the value of your property at the time of purchase. Fluctuations in exchange rates before or after purchase will not be relevant.

Can I buy a property just under $250.00?

To obtain Turkish citizenship you must buy a property of at least $250,000. At less than this amount, the application for Turkish citizenship is unacceptable. However, if you want to buy a property at a value higher than that limit, this is acceptable.

Can I pay in cash?

No, cash for this type of purchase is not accepted in Turkey. You will have to open a bank account, if you do not already have an account in Turkey. The transfer of funds from the buyer to the seller must be documented.

How will the full value of my property be confirmed?

The documents mentioned must be submitted from both the Buyers Bank and the Sellers Bank, which prove that the purchase value is transferred from the buyer to the seller when applying for citizenship.

Can I buy a property from an acquaintance such as a family member or a foreign friend for the Turkish citizenship application process?

You're not supposed to buy a property from a foreigner. Since you are a foreigner on your own, in order to obtain Turkish citizenship, you must purchase from a Turkish seller, either a person or a company. If you purchase your property from foreigners, you cannot apply for citizenship.

Can I apply for Turkish citizenship if I bought a property before issuing the Turkish Citizenship Act and transferred it to a relative (my wife and child) and then repurchased it documentarily?

No, it is not acceptable to sell or transfer your property to repurchase it after turkish citizenship law in order to obtain Turkish citizenship. You will not get Turkish citizenship regardless of the value of your property.

Can I buy my property in installments and apply for Turkish citizenship?

The amount that has been considered in the application process is the amount you have already paid. So if your premiums are $250,000 each, that's fine. However, if the total amount of your installments will be 250,000 and the payment amount is less than 250,000, your application will be rejected.

Is it possible to sell the property immediately after I have turkish citizenship?

You must not sell your property until 3 years after your purchase. In order to maintain your nationality, you must keep the property for at least three years after the date of purchase. When you get citizenship, you are asked not to sell the property purchased for 3 years.

Can my husband and children get Turkish citizenship after me, when I buy a property and get Turkish citizenship?

Yes, they can. Your spouse and children aged 18 or under can apply for citizenship through the Property Owners app.

Can I apply for citizenship on more than one drug?

Yes, it is possible to apply with more than one property provided that the total property value sits at $250,000 at the time of your application.

Can I apply for citizenship by purchasing a residential or commercial property?

Any purchase of a property over $250,000 is accepted in the application process. The apartment, villa, shop or any other property is accepted as long as it is worth $250,000.

How long to buy a property to obtain Turkish citizenship?

The expected period is 45 days in total. From the beginning of the process, hand over all the required documents until the signing of the approval of the granting of Turkish citizenship by the Turkish government.

I have already purchased a property in Turkey, is it possible to apply for Turkish citizenship?

If you purchased the property earlier in January 2017, you cannot apply. If you purchased your property after January 2017, the maximum is $1 million for your property to grant you a citizenship application, if you have purchased the property after September 2018, the minimum is $250,000 in order to apply for citizenship.

Does the Turkish citizenship law include Syrian property ownership?

Syrian citizens cannot buy real estate and therefore cannot obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment. But they can take advantage of other alternatives under this law: fixed investments of $500,000, job opportunities for at least 50 Turkish citizens or deposits of funds worth at least $500,000.

After investing in real estate and obtaining Turkish citizenship, do I have to do military service in Turkey?

If you are over 22 years of age when you have acquired your citizenship, you will not need to serve in the army, but if you are under 22 years of age you will have to perform military service.

While obtaining Turkish citizenship through owning a property, will my children over the age of 18 be able to obtain Turkish citizenship with me?

It is necessary to apply for Turkish citizenship for each child after owning the property and obtaining your Turkish citizenship. The same requirements must be met in order for each child to be a Turkish citizen.

Can I be a Turkish citizen while retaining my own citizenship after becoming a Turkish citizen by buying a property?

You do not have to renounce your citizenship in order to be a Turkish citizen. The Republic of Turkey allows dual citizenship, and you can retain your original nationality and obtain Turkish citizenship.

Is it possible to have someone else submit my citizenship file and follow the application process on my part?

Of course, i'm not going You can work with an agent at the Turkish Embassy in your country or a power of attorney for a person or company to track citizenship applications at the notary in Turkey.

After acquiring my citizenship by buying real estate, is it possible to rent it?

Yes, you can rent your property because it belongs to you. However, don't forget that you don't have to sell your property for at least 3 years in order to maintain your citizenship.

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