Antalya Manavagat Waterfall

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The Manavagat Waterfall in Turkey has ancient historical and religious significance as the Greeks considered it a sacred site of the ancient Greek city and the word Manavagat originally means in ancient Ortrelanguage the mother god.

Manafgat Waterfall is one of the most important waterfalls found in Turkey in particular and in Asia in general, as evidenced by its appearance in the face of banknotes in the 3 Lira banknote category in Turkey.

Underscoring the importance of Manavagat Waterfall, which has become one of Turkey's most important tourist attractions, Manavagat Falls attracts hundreds of tourists every year for the reasons we will mention in the following lines.
There is a waterfall manavagat in Turkey in Antalya and specifically in the east, about 70 km from it near the city center about 7 meters, the width of the waterfall is about 40 meters and has recorded its highest height about two meters

Its waters flow throughout the summer and winter seasons, making it a convenient tourist destination to visit all day of the year.

How do I get to manavagat waterfall?
You can easily reach the waterfall by first arriving at the local Manavagat Airport, then taking a bus to the waterfall for 2 Turkish lira or renting a private vehicle for easy mobility compared to other transportation in an estimated 15 minutes until you reach the Manavagat Waterfall or reach Antalya first, then take a bus across the Mediterranean highway to the village of Manajat and then take the bus.

Activities you can do at Manavagat Falls

# When you visit manavigat waterfall you will hear the sound of the waterfall from a distance and you will see the sunset from the top of the waterfall in a stunning view that brings calm and tranquility to the soul.

# Sit back for a break and have your favorite drink in a café in one of the surroundings of the waterfall.

# The experience of renting a boat is a unique experience where you can rent a small boat and enjoy a cruise within the Manavagat Waterfall in Turkey where you can see the landscape and green gardens extending on both sides of the waterfall.

# Visit the tea garden, have delicious Turkish tea made from tea trees picked from nearby tea fields on the banks of the waterfall, and enjoy a journey that will be recorded forever with the scent of smart trees that remain.

# There are many restaurants serving delicious food, Turkish pastries, snacks and grills and we recommend you try seafood and river fish served by specialty restaurants.

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# You can later head to the historic Temple of Apollo, which has six monuments about 10 meters long and dates back to the 2nd century AD and is now the destination of many Turks and vacationers.

# You can practice a fun water sport such as canoeing in the magnificent turquoise waters, which is home to many marine and wild creatures such as salmon and rare species of birds and plants stretching along the waterfall.

# Don't forget to take some souvenir photos in the waterfall park and photograph some wild animals that you'll see there like mountain goats and deer.

# The place is characterized by quiet, landscaped and extended green spaces making the place a very suitable choice for harmony with nature and psychological sports such as meditation and relaxation.

# Camping is one of many's most beloved activities in the middle of the sprawling green meadows.

# The village market is held every Monday, where merchants from nearby villages come to sell souvenirs such as gold jewellery, leather goods, coins, inscriptions and pictures of the waterfall, in addition to selling distinctive Turkish spices and some vegetables and fruits, all at relatively reasonable prices and suitable for everyone.

The best times to visit Manavagat Waterfall

Manavigat is a Turkish village overlooking the Mediterranean coast, giving the waterfall a mild temperature for most of the summer and is dominated by a dry and hot Mediterranean climate in summer to wet, warm and sometimes rainy, but we advise you dear visitor to visit the waterfall and the village of Manavagat during the spring during the months of March and April.

The best tourist hotels near Manavagat Waterfall

There are many hotels and guest houses that are equipped with the latest models for the convenience of guests and visitors and the hotels there have varied to be five and four star hotels, including:

Sansa Spa Hotel 

It is one of the best hotels in Manavegat where it offers suitable accommodation, private parking, restaurant offers various meals and offers free Wi-Fi service as well as a fitness center and the hotel has received high ratings from its visitors in terms of hospitality, hospitality, service, cleanliness and all the services provided.

Master Family Hotel 

Another hotel located close to the Manavagat Waterfall is distinguished by the provision of many services such as online booking management and Wi-Fi, and the hotel has its own outdoor swimming pool.

River Hotel

Which is one of the best hotels ever in Manavigat where the hotel offers you a wonderful and attractive view of the River Manavigat from all rooms and the restaurant also, the hotel has a flat TV screen satellite channel and all rooms have air conditioning and a private bathroom

Seki Cottages Hotel

It is a four-star hotel overlooking olive trees and orange gardens, giving guests a magnificent view of green gardens and extended trees.

Hotel Dorkaya

It is a hotel very close to the centre of Manavagat, about 10 km from the waterfall, which features affordable rates, private parking, a private pool and clean and air-conditioned rooms.

Hotel Osmansik

It is 7 km from Manavegat Waterfall and features a magnificent garden around the hotel and many distinct services from clean spacious rooms to free Wi-Fi, as well as a private restaurant and café.

Manavigat Waterfall is a symbol of ancient Turkish civilization and is a very convenient place to enjoy your holiday away from the noise and traffic of the city in the arms of nature where Antalya recently occupied the third place in the level of tourist cities most attracted to tourists after Paris and London, making trips to Antalya trips like daily and became attracting Arab and foreign tourists from all over the world.

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