The most important places and tourist activities in Fethiye

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The most important places and tourist activities in Fethiye

Information about The City of Fethiye

The area of Fethiye is administratively located in the Turkish city of Mugla, located in the Aegean region, with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, characterized by its charming nature, and the abundance of historical archaeological sites that date back thousands of years, which are a magnet for history lovers, in addition to the purity of the waters in the blue beaches there, as well as other tourist places that enjoy its extraordinary beauty.

Where Fathia is located in Turkey

Located in the mediterranean city of Mugla, on the south-western side of Turkey, Fethiye nevertheless stretches towards the Aegean Sea, the portity of the Mediterranean beauty combines the beauty of the Mediterranean on the one hand, and includes the shores of the Aegean Sea on the other, and paints a very beautiful natural painting, on the foothills of the towering Taurus Mountains.

How far is Fethiye from Istanbul?

We can estimate the distance between Istanbul and The Fethiye area at about 778 km, where those wishing to visit this area can reach it by car, where the journey on the road takes approximately 9 hours, and you can reach that area by plane, a flight lasting about one hour, starting from one of istanbul airports, and ending at Dalaman Airport in Fethia.

Weather in Fethiye

The weather in Fethiye is characterized by its humidity in summer, and is accompanied by high wind breezes, which give the city of Fethiye in the summer an atmosphere of natural beauty, and it is estimated that temperatures in Fethiye in summer will reach 39°C.

In winter, the city of Fethiye is wonderful, with most days bright and beautiful, and may be accompanied by light rain on some days, with temperatures between 16 and 20°C in this area.

Tourist and natural places in Fethiye

The Area of Fethiye in Mugla is one of the most rich areas of Turkey, where there are many tourist and natural places in this area, and the visitor to this area sees himself in front of a variety of beautiful places, including:

1. Valley of Butterflies

The Valley of Butterflies is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Fethiye, with its distinctive geographical location on the slopes of Mount Babadag, and a charming view of the Aegean Sea, and this valley features a rock bracelet up to 350 meters long, and the large area it includes, which is 86 thousand square meters.

The Valley of Butterflies is a valley that has a lot of meaning, because it contains more than 100 species of butterflies of different colors, orange, black and white. There are also many trees with olives, pomegranates, oranges, peaches and palms. and other plants.

Access to it is a 45-minute boat that helps you reach this valley.

2. Fethiye Museum

For history and culture lovers, the Fathia Museum will surely be the place for them, this museum is one of the most famous museums in Turkey, and it houses many artifacts that reflect the culture of society in those days, where you see jewelry in its various forms, beautiful mosaics, and many ceramic shards and handicrafts that were occupied at the time.

Next to the museum is a garden with a collection of historical statues, as well as the green spaces it contains, and the many types of plants and flowers. This museum can be accessed by public buses belonging to the municipality of the region.

3. The Old City of Fethiye is one of the most important historical places in Fethiye

The old town of Fethiye is one of the most important and oldest historical places in Mugla, where the strategic location by the port, the atmosphere suitable for tourist destinations, and the atmosphere full of pleasure and entertainment, this city also gives you through the restaurants and cafés around which you enjoy the delicacies of the region. And learn about the food culture you're known for.

4. Old Town of Telmesos and Amentas Cemetery

The ancient city, called Telmesos, with its distinctive building designs, carved gates and high-rise monuments, is one of the most tourist-attracting areas of Fathia, and has a history of more than 400 BC, thus witnessing ancient civilizations and peoples that lived in that time.

One of the highlights of the old city of Fethiye is the Amentas Cemetery, which is carved into the heart of the high mountain rocks, and this tomb was dedicated to the burial of the king and the warriors, who ruled Fethiye at the time. It is a tourist attraction that allows you to take souvenirs and enjoy its ancient historical scene.

5. Telus Region

Located on the eastern side of the village of Exanus, close to the center of Fethiye, Telus has a great history of more than 4,000 years in history. This area contains archaeological buildings, admired by those who look at it, such as the tomb of the hero Bellerovon, around which ancient Greek mythology weaves many stories. It also contains a number of tombs carved on rocks, indicating the multiculturalism that existed at the time. 

6. Fethiye Market / Weekly Market

There is a group of popular markets in The Fethiye area that operate on certain days of the week, selling all the food, dress and household items needed by the inhabitants of these areas, the most prominent of which are:

Callis Market

Jucek Market

Fathia Market

Fethiye Farmers Market

In addition there are some weekly markets that sell spices, fish, fruits, vegetables and organic products.

7. Catransi Bay Natural Park

The natural park, called Catransi Bay, is one of the most important tourist destinations in Fethiye, about 15 km from the city centre, with magnificent forests and a range of green trees, such as pine and eucalyptus, and its location along the highway connecting Mugla and Fethiye.

8. Sultan Water City

Sultan Water City is the ideal destination for family tourism, providing you and the whole family with all the entertainment, and includes many games for different ages, from water slides, indoor and outdoor gyms, and tiziya areas.

The water city also has swimming pools of various sizes, restaurants and cafés, and organizes a variety of recreational activities, as well as a festival of painting, colours and various competitions.

9. Gemler Island

Gemler Island is located on the opposite side of the Coast of Fethiye, an island with many churches destroyed by the wars of the past decades, as well as churches that see cellars and archaeological cemeteries, and yacht sightings are among the most attracting visitors to this area.

10. Jucek Bays

The Juchek Bays are made up of a group of small bays, with islands and 4 marinas, with a capacity of up to 850 yachts, and Guljan Juchik is located approximately 22 km from Dalaman Airport in Mugla, and at the head of Vitthia Bay, which stretches along Turkey's Turquoise Coast.

By visiting these bays, you can take the most beautiful cruises and explore the natural areas around them.

The most important things you can do in Fethiye

The trip to Fethiye in Turkey contains a lot of activities, which guarantee you the pleasure and the best of times in this area, and in this article we will enumerate some activities, which can be done when you visit Fathia. 

1. Visit the famous rock tombs

The famous rock tombs are one of the most spectacular tourist areas in the Fathia region, a cemetery for veterans in the area carved on the mountain rocks within the city, and is considered a wonder of the Fathia region and is popular with tourists.

2. Beach Activities

For activities on the beaches of Fethiye, visitors can take a leisurely cruise, a Mediterranean excursion, with sea boats and luxury yachts to be rented, and there are some clear beaches that allow for swimming, amidst fresh air and charming nature.

The most important beaches in Fethiye

When talking about tourism in Fethiye, it is by no means possible to mention the beaches, which are of great value in this area, where Fethiye has an abundance of charming beaches, where you can spend the best possible times, and enjoy the crystal clear waters ideal for swimming and water sports, among the most important beaches in Fethiye Alodenes Beach and Callis Beach.

3. Hiking in Fethiye

For lovers of walking and hiking in the beautiful nature of The City of Fethiye, you will be provided with one of the finest hiking and hiking trails around the Mediterranean, as well as enjoying many archaeological and historical sites around you.

4. Boat Trips

There are some cruises in Fethiye through the rental of large boats, and these trips abound in the Olwedenz area of Fethiye, and last about 8 hours, including swimming stations and lunches, and there are some short trips that you can make by renting small boats.

5. Fethiye Theatre

The Fathia Theatre, or also known as the Roman Theatre, is located in the center of The City of Fethiye, in a location very close to the port, and the theater has a total capacity of 1,500 people, and has its deep roots in history, dating back to the second century BC, and during excavations carried out by the General Administration of the Fathia Museum in 1993, the seats of the theater were found, under layers of soil 3-4 meters deep.

6. Discover Fathia by Parachute

For those who love flying and adventures on excursions, The Fethiye area guarantees you an aerial tour over the Mediterranean Sea, and the landscape around it of hills and forests, so many tourists love to experience such experiences and discover Fathia by parachute.

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