A guide to Antalya's most famous restaurants

  • 2020-08-13 11:08 AM
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Meet the best restaurants in Antalya
Antalya is a popular tourist destination for summer holidays in Turkey, offering visitors wonderful beaches, monuments of Ottoman history and wonderful restaurants that cater to all the most varied and sophisticated tastes, and dining in this seaside tourist destination is a wonderful and unforgettable experience, with a selection of the best Turkish dishes and international cuisine. In the following report, we will review the best restaurants in Antalya.

Tourism in Antalya

Antalya is the largest city on the Turkish Mediterranean coast, one of the axes of the so-called Turkish Riviera, and as a center of an area with beautiful beaches, green mountains and a number of ancient monuments, tourist investments began several years ago here, until the city became an important tourist center.

You can find most of Antalya's historic buildings along the narrow and winding streets of Kalisi, the old quarter. Historical, architectural and archaeological sites include the Yifli Minaret, The Tower of Haderk, The Eskil Mosque, Murad Pasha Mosque, The Mosque of Muhammad Pasha, the Muslim Mosque, and the Clock Tower, as well as many structures dating back to the Hellenistic period.

The best restaurants in Antalya

Arma Club

One of the most impressive restaurants in Antalya, The Arma Club restaurant welcomes guests with magnificent views of the old town and stunning marina with plenty of history on the walls of this restaurant built by Italians in the late 19th century, so the true integration of cultural influences seems very noticeable in the design of the Arma Club, including the typical column stones, arches and decorations that usually adorn Italian buildings, as well as offers The Arma Club an à la carte menu with fresh fish and cuisine. Marine and a range of Mediterranean dishes that satisfy all tastes.

Vanilla Restaurant

Just five minutes from antalya's old city, specifically Hadrian's Gate, Vanilla Restaurant is a funky blend of contemporary cuisine and traditional Ottoman architecture that surrounds the restaurant.

Run by a British chef and his Turkish wife, the restaurant is a great place to sample a rich selection of international dishes, with fresh ingredients and a mix of traditional and modern cooking techniques with attractive dishes including coconut, lemon soup and cooked beef.

Serasser Fine Denning Restaurant in Antalya

Located in the historic centre of Antalya in a 300-year-old house, Serasser Vin Denning restaurant is one of the best and most beautiful restaurants in beautiful Antalya.  From the exquisite décor featuring original sculptures, handmade furniture and jewellery, as well as stunning piano music and a beautiful garden with magnificent views that add another distinctive dimension to dining here, Serasser is committed to providing an unforgettable experience for guests.

The restaurant-rich menu offers international and Turkish recipes, such as homemade pasta, steaks with turkish specialty, great seafood and tempting desserts.

Castle Cafe

Castle Café offers a great panorama on Antalya Bay, a great location for those looking for a great outdoor experience with delicious Mediterranean dishes.

Located in Antalya's Old City, on the edge of the cliffs overlooking the sea, this café is a modern location renowned for its friendly, pleasant atmosphere and good services, making it a great place during hot summer days, and here you can experience seafood with a variety of pasta and delicious snacks available.

Big Chefs. Restaurants in Antalya

Big Chefs restaurant is a well-known restaurant in Turkey with 18 locations in six cities across the country, including Antalya, the place was first opened in Ankara in 2007, and since then it has become a culinary destination of choice for both locals and tourists, with a rich and surprising menu with a variety of Turkish and international dishes, so visitors here will have many tempting options to choose from a wide range of delicious local recipes.

Italian restaurant Fazino Pisria. Restaurants in Antalya

Antalya's Fazino Pisria restaurant is the perfect restaurant for visitors to the city looking for exquisite Italian cuisine while wandering the colourful streets of the old historic centre, and the venue is also an excellent choice for low-budget and savings visitors. However, the restaurant's abundant menu makes this fun place one of the most popular restaurants in the city that is really worth a visit.

Alp Pasha. Restaurants in Antalya

Alp Pasha is part of the boutique hotel of the same name, and is the place for visitors with a buffet-style experience, accompanied by live piano music.

The restaurant is located in the historic centre of Antalya, in a traditional Ottoman building, just a few steps from the stunning Hadrian's Gate.

With a large romantic patio that enhances warmth and comfort, Alp Pasha offers a variety of Turkish, Mediterranean, French and even vegetarian dishes, making it one of the favourite destinations for dining among many of the city's visiting tourists.

Seven Mohammed

Located a few kilometres from the city centre, Sevin Mohammed Restaurant enjoys a great location on a green hill overlooking Konyalti Beach, offering a magnificent view of Antalya, and is one of antalya's most famous restaurants with a stunning historical heritage, founded years ago by Chef Mohamed, who began his life at an early age as an assistant in famous restaurants in order to support his family.

Seven Mohammed is one of the most beautiful restaurants in Antalya for those looking for an incomparable dining experience with Turkish recipes with grilled meats, fish and beautiful and memorable views.

Batio Bistro Restaurant

Located in the heart of Kalisi's historic district, just a few steps from Antalya's unique cultural attractions and marina, The Batio Bistro restaurant at Pudding Marina Hotel is an unforgettable choice for all those who enjoy exploring a variety of delicious Turkish pancakes, along with a range of international recipes and cuisines with top dishes such as shrimp, squid, grilled seabasor or delicious beef.

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