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  • 2019-05-20 12:05 PM
  • سياحة و سفر

Apartments for sale in Antalya city-Turkey

If you want to search for apartments in Antalya we will give you the most important real estate offers and choose the best in terms of prices that match your desire.

A. Prices

The prices of the apartments for sell in Antalya City will start with the price of twenty five thousand dollars and all our offers within licensed residential buildings and under a regular deeds bond you can get and registered in your name in the department of the Antalya City

B-Descriptions of the sale apartments in Antalya city

1- There are apartments studio system often on the ground floors or the construction is dedicated to tourist stays and as there are different and varied forms can reach six bedrooms and a salon with very large spaces.

2. In terms of location the chosen location for the apartment is one of the most important things and the more the apartment is close to the seaside it will be more value, and Antalya has two areas on the beach are Konyaalti and Lara

3. In terms of construction

The apartments are often housed in residential complexes with pools, gyms, playgrounds, etc., but there are some buildings without these services, which makes their value sometimes less.

C. Ways to buy apartments in Antalya city

1-You can subscribe to real estate projects in progress, pay an advance and distribute the rest of the payments for the completion of construction.

2-The immediate receipt of the property without transferring ownership to your name if you wish to pay for the property

3. Prompt payment, receipt and transfer of ownership under deeds statutory bond

D. Benefits obtained after purchase

1-You can get a tourist stay for a full year and renew automatically as long as the property is still in your name

2. Accommodation for all family members under a property title deeds

-Obtaining Turkish citizenship for those who wish after a five-year stay