Villas for sale in installments in Antalya within the Antalya Peak Complex

  • 2021-04-30 06:04 AM
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One of Antalya Peak Villas' most important and luxurious project

Deluxe luxury villas for sale in installments in The Feslikan Antalya region

About Feslikan (Antalya peak):

Feslikan has become turkey's most popular tourist hub in recent years and annually hosts thousands of visitors, under the theme "New Tourism Destination".

Located in Antalya, antalya is the highest peak in Antalya, to be the tourist model, it is a real paradise for tourists with a wonderful climate that is 15 degrees Celsius lower than that of Antalya, and it hosts several festivals throughout the year, the most important of which are wrestling festivals, mountaineering festivals and bicycles, with good services of transportation, shops and market and is divided into many neighborhoods of villas, independent houses and residential buildings.

Villa features:

Three rooms and a lounge.

Doplex Villa type

Villa area 160 m2

Each villa has a 200 m2 private garden

The kitchen is independent.

Bathrooms 3

Balcony Number 2

Delivery Date: 2022

Complex features:

*Guard crews available

*Surveillance cameras available

*Parking is available

*Large family pool

*Children's gardens and toys available

*Antalya Region - Feslikan

*Borrowed ceilings with internal lighting

*The kitchen is equipped with the finest Turkish wood

Antalya Peak Villas Complex divided into three stages

Phase 1

* Number of villas 8 villas

*Delivery after 12 months

Phase 2

*Number of villas 12 villas

*Delivery after 18 months

Phase 3

*Number of villas 24 villas

*24 hotel apartments

*Delivery after 20 months

Available villas: 3+1

Price: Starting at $120,000

Method of sale: In installments from 12 months to 20 months, 50% of the villa is paid and the remaining amount is installments in monthly payments.

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