Best installment offers for 5 years...

  • 2019-10-10 09:10 AM
  • عروض الشركة

We offer the best prices in installments with the following offers:

Installment for 5 years. 
Start from $31970 first payment.
50% of the value of the property and get a taste. 
10% discount on the remaining amount.
Apartments for sale in Antalya are among the most luxurious and finest residential complexes. 
Available apartments: Room and Salon
Two rooms and a salon. 
Three rooms and a salon. 
Collector features: Adult swimming pools for children. 
Children's parks and games. 
Gyms and Boukhar rooms (sauna).
Volleyball court. 
Basketball court.
One of the largest construction projects in Antalya.
Dedicated and protected places for children's play.
Nearby shopping areas for you and your family.
Parking (closed-open).
Only 500 m away from the sea.
Interior design for Apartments is adjusted to your wishes.
Prefabricated complexes, some of which are under construction.
Spacious apartments with great views. 
Features of the apartments:

Super Deluxe trim. 
The Bishop of Gibson's roses and the invisible illumination. 
Parquet flooring of the finest Turkish species. 
High quality ceramic baths in Turkey. 
Windows with soundproof double glazing. 
The American-style kitchen is fully equipped with the finest types and the latest models. 
Doors with locks for protection.
Spacious balconies and terraces with spectacular views. 

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